This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe MSCA programme under grant agreement No. 101061575 



COMPHACRISIS: The enforcement of EU Competition Law in the pharmaceutical sector: before, during, and after a health crisis (learning from the COVID-19 pandemic), HORIZON Europe-MSCA project, UCD School of Law, Ireland


COMPHACRISIS is carried out in line with the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe under the supervision of Professor Imelda Maher at University College Dublin (UCD). The main question of the research is: What are the significant differences between normal, crisis and post-crisis EU competition law and policy in the pharmaceutical sector? Analysing the normal enforcement of competition law, evaluating the crisis enforcement of competition law, exploring the significant consequences of the crisis policies in the post-pandemic law and designing an Effective Health Crisis Competition Law Framework are specific objectives of COMPAHCRISIS. The European Union competition law enforcement and three member states (Germany, Italy, and Ireland) are reviewed in COMPHACRISIS. COMPHACRISIS leads to a new approach to understanding the importance of competition law in the pharmaceutical sector during and after a crisis and influences European policymakers and legislators.


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